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LG E900 To Pack 16GB On-Board Memory

You guys ready for this?  Cause I’m stoked to have found this little gem at 1:44AM!  Was browsing youtube to feed my insatiable hunger for any and all WP7 news.  Thankfully I came upon this, not quite in total focus, video of a LG E900 in action.  As you can see from my screenshot taken at 0:56(and rotated for your viewing pleasure), this particular unit has 14.95GB of either free space remaining or total capacity.  Minus overhead and the already used 0.82GB, this would put onboard storage somewhere in the neighborhood of 16GB.  Since these are still prototype units, this can all change before retail release, but some news is better than no news.

I was a bit worried when Microsoft first announced that WP7 would not support expandable memory solutions.  Companies other than Apple tend to skimp on storage space and I’m a media hog.  This puts to rest most of my fears about upcoming WP7 phones.  At least one manufacturer is considering putting more than 8GB of storage space into a phone and that’s a good omen from where I’m standing.

What about you guys?  Is 16GB adequate? Should we all be demanding 32GB devices at this point?  Or do you scoff at us poor fools who need to learn to manage our media better and should get by with 8GB or less?  Let me know in the comments!

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