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Doodle God Is Making Waves On Windows Phone

Doodle God is available on Windows Phone. Wait, you don’t now what it is? It’s the #1 paid app on iOS in 4 countries and the #1 game in 23 countries.

Acting as the Doodle God, the player must combine available elements together to gain access to new elements. Combinations can be both physical (such as combining Water and Lava to obtain Steam and Stone) and metaphorical (such as combining Water and Fire to obtain Alcohol). The game begins with only the four classical elements, and centers on the discovery of 115 other elements across 14 categories. Should the player be stuck, a hint is available every few minutes.

So here’s what happens, you start with four elements, air, water, fire and rock and do something like mix fire and rock and you get lava. And as you build more elements you can build more, like metal plus steam is a boiler. Clearly a lot of people love this app and the Windows phone version seems no different. Out of its first 5 ratings, 4 are 5-star ratings. If you’re into puzzle/logic games it’s in Marketplace for $3.