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LG Video claims they have “Something Bigger”

LG has just released a promo video claiming they are “LG Triumphantly Returns Back To the Spotlight in a Fierce Smartphone War” and that  the “LG Optimus 2X, World’s First Dual Core…Opened a New Era in Smartphone History”.

The video is pretty cheesy and the voice is a little strange but what I like is the boldness about the video and I really got the feel that the LG Optimus 2X was the focus in this promo video and that they were indeed selling a kick ass device. In recent videos from Motorola and Apple for example, we found outstanding video quality and theme, but there was not mention or point made about the device until the very last part of the video. I really don’t give a crap about clocks, or being friend’s, or fancy graphics. I want to see the device front and center with specifications, design elements of the device, and the User Interface.

Check out the video below and checkout “Something Bigger” from LG.

[Via Android Central]