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Mango SDK coming tomorrow, OS as early as September?


Officially, this stands as a rumor (until tomorrow), but Neowin has received information that the Windows Phone “Mango” SDK will be available to developers in full tomorrow. This coincides with Microsoft’s preview for the platform, in which they are rumored to be announcing several new devices, and over 500 updates to the OS.

Additionally, Neowin claims that:

“We’re also hearing (and are working to confirm) that this is not a beta of the tools, nor is Mango a "preview" of the final platform, but instead the tools and the OS will be announced as RTM tomorrow (release to manufacturing), and that the update will be available via carriers as soon as September.

This would be incredible news for the platform, and showcase Microsoft’s commitment to its customers. Realistically, a September release may turn into October, and carrier testing can push it into November/December, but this still should clear the holiday release timeframe, and provide a huge push for new device owners (as well as making current supporters very happy). There’s also been rumors since MIX that developers would receive the update sooner, something that is also mentioned in the Neowin article.

We’ll be there live covering the New York City event tomorrow, so stay tuned for updates live from the source.