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Microsoft Shows Off Steve’s Phone. We Ask What About Jessica?

If you haven’t seen this Windows Phone 8 advert which shows off Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Windows Phone take the time, it is really good. No disrespect to Ballmer but I’m thinking on a national, consumer stage the better option for such a commercial is Jessica Alba. If you have Jessica Alba touting Windows Phone on stage why limit her appearance to a venue that it doesn’t really do much good. Put the gorgeous, personable actress on TV and watch Twitter trend Windows Phone harder than, well, Microsoft’s smartphone market share over the last few years.

Follow my logic here. If Zooey Deschanel can pimp out a gimped Siri, how much talk could Jessica Alba generate rocking the beautiful Windows Phone 8 hardware and the vibrant live tiles showing off her best side (as if both aren’t easy on the eyes). Show off a Live App using the lock screen to reveal the latest red carpet fashion she was spotted in, get some Twitter action going where the Twitter live tile is showing tweets with her as the subject. Heck, do an entire series of ads starring her. I’m telling you, this would be huge. Apple knew when when they recruited Samuel L. Jackson and the aforementioned Zooey Deschanel. Microsoft its time to put your best face forward and in this case Jessica Alba is the clear winner over Stevie B. I’m just saying


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