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Midomi Music Recognition In The Wild

midomi1 Some of you have seen or used Shazam’s Music ID (which the iPhone advertises on its commercials) on WM devices but it’s carrier dependant and pay as you go. Well, the Omnia 2 includes a new piece of software from Midomi that’s a similar app which has been extracted. You just hold your phone up to the speaker and it will identify the song. In fact, you can even hum a song and it will figure it out. Many other sites have discussed this app but we held off until now – the reason is that it now works over a data connection (whereas initially it was wifi only) so now it’s ready for primetime:)


So let’s talk about he app. If you want to identify music from a speaker you have to set it to ‘grab’ and not ‘hum’ which are the two starting options. if you set it to hum and hold it to the radio you will not get good results. However, I tried the ‘grab’ feature even on unreleased music and it picked it up so that was pretty impressive. Results take about 5 seconds from the end of the recording. It has a few new tricks up its sleeve also. First it identifies the song, then it lets you preview the song (it plays about 30 seconds of the song to verify that it’s the right song), lets you search YouTube for videos of it, a link to buy the song (link is to Amazon) and even find the lyrics.

The download link is here. If you cannot get Midomi to work over data then change HKCU\Software\Melodis\Midomi\midomiGU IDType from 3 to 1 and it will work. Also, do not press the menu button – it will lock up the program. Great work Kstan of Modaco for ripping the app and ikkari of XDA for figuring out the data tweak. Team work at its finest!