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Mobility Digest And Forum Upgrades!

I am very thrilled to let you know about some changes that we have made here on all our websites and forums! I’m sure most of you have noticed some of them, but I thought I would take a quick moment to let you know what we have been up to!

First, I had previously decided to merge Tilt Mobility into PPC Mobility because of decline in traffic and the difficulty for the writers to to post to multiple websites. However, that thought never really felt right, as I am very proud Tilt Mobility and the work Tyler Earman and I put into it setting it up. And then with the Tilt Mobility Team, we really posted some great content. So merging it was never my first choice. Well, I am very happy to tell you that we are not merging anything! I have made some changes with the aid of Casey Christensen of Designs by that has saved us a lot of work posting articles to multiple websites and made the behind the scenes work load a lot easier.

Second, I have changed the name of PPC Mobility into Mobility Digest. Mobility Digest will focus on all things Mobility and contain all of the writing from both Tilt Mobility and Fuze Mobility. So not only is it a one stop shop for all things Tilt and Fuze Mobility, but we will now be expanding our focus to cover all things Mobility from our own writers perspectives. This made a lot of sense as much of the content we write on Fuze and Tilt Mobility is relevant to anyone running a Windows Mobile Device. So we needed a generic Web Site where we could open the scope of our writing to appeal to a greater audience. So does this mean that we will be shutting down Tilt and Fuze Mobility in the Future? the answer is no! I have decided to keep both Tilt and Fuze Mobility open permanently. So all of you that have emailed me telling me how much you liked having a one stop source for information specific to your device will never have to worry. But if you like reading about mobility, just stop by Mobility Digest. You won’t miss a single article from either Tilt or Fuze Mobility, and you will be treated to a lot more content as we branch out into other Device Platforms. 

Third, we had a Forum upgrade to do, so I thought at the same time, I would change themes and get away from the stale old Default Theme to a nicer looking custom theme. As you can see from the picture above, it is a fluid design that has lots of space, and is very easy to read. We have a great community in our Forums with a TON of information! Our Fuze/Touch Pro Tips and Tricks Thread has over 70,000 VIEWS! That’s not XDA traffic but it’s great for a small community like ours! I am very proud of our community and invite you to stop by and be a apart of it! All you AT&T Tilt & HTC TyTN II users should come by too! We are rocking in the Fuze/Touch Pro forums and I need your help to show them that the Tilt isn’t dead yet!

Lastly, we have just opened up our Fuze Mobility Store! There is a lot of great accessories and things you need that are all Fuze and Touch Pro related! So stop by our Store and take advantage of a wide array of products and excellent pricing!

Sorry for getting long winded, but we have worked very hard to improve our websites and forums to bring you the very best in information as well as a great user experience! Thanks again for stopping by our community, I hope you enjoy all we have to offer!


Doug Smith

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Fuze Mobility Store

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