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Mobility Digest Review: Speck Seethru Satin Case For Macbook Pro

Recently, I got a Macbook pro case replacement from Speck for one of my cousin’s Macbook in India and I decided that I should do a review on the case from her perspective since we lack female prescriptive on this site. 🙂 Here is the review.


I really love the Speck Seethru Satin case. It makes my Macbook pro look really cute and unique especially in the pink color. It is very thin yet very strong and fits the laptop really well. It protects it from minor scratches and bumps and the daily use of the laptop.  I really like matte finish on it as well and it also gives the laptop some grip.

Installation and Usage Details:

The Satin case comes in two pieces, one for the back of the screen and one for the bottom of the laptop. The case is held together in place by tiny tabs. I think the screen piece has about 9 or 10 tabs and the bottom piece has about 4 tabs. All of the ports and the CD drive slot are easily accesable and have cuts outs that match exactly. Also the bottom of the case has a small area for the ventilation fan. Also the case tends to keep the heat from the laptop away from my legs and makes the laptop feel cooler.

Overall the case really does a good job of protecting the laptop for daily use and it looks great. They have a huge range of colors but I would like to see a few more color option. Also this case seems to very easily show fingerprints and they are a little hard to clean. Another issue with this case has been that sometimes dirt and other particles can get in between the case and the laptop and scratch the laptop. Speck suggests that every 2 weeks or so the case be removed and that the laptop be wiped down to prevent from dust and dirt accumulating.


This is a really great case and something really worth getting if you have a Macbook or a Macbook pro. The case costs $49.99 but it is definitely worth it. It looks great and protects the laptop from daily wear. Other than the problem of having to clean the case every now and then, this is a really great case. To purchase the case visit speck products