Today we bring you the Metro vs. Windows 8 debate!

David K: What do they do when Windows 9 comes out?
Hi, I thought you might like this article: Microsoft: Don’t call it Metro. Call it ‘Windows 8’
“Microsoft may go the simple route and replace ‘Metro’ with ‘Windows 8,’ my sources are saying.”

Ram U: Oh man, Microsoft needs better person who could name products effectively. Windows 8 is a lousy name indeed to a design language.

yes, I would have gone in the route of fruit names instead of the OS name for a language. They could have named it as Mango, Orange or Narinja, Skyline (because Metro consists beautiful skyline, take Chicago or New York Metro as an example), or more beautiful with smileys instead of a name.

James S: What a shite name.  Come on MS.


  1. Microsoft, if you are reading this, you need a better person who could handle naming. Tell your Marketing and leadership STFU when it comes to naming.

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