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MobilityLeaks: Suburu, Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with Them

On 8/29/11 2:32 PM, Doug Simmons wrote:

So what’s the story with Motorola phones? I still haven’t tried one for more than a minute. To me, HTC phones are the matured and polished phones, the Jaguar, whereas Samsung is the heavily-modified Honda Civic. You know what I mean?

Of any of you who’ve been around all of them, what kind of car is the Motorola flavor?




I’ll stick with my VW…

Daniel Lam:

Htc doesn’t take enough time with their phones to be jags…they’re all rehashed of the same phone with different radios and SOCs. They are dependable in that they make tons of phones and the dev community love them. If anything they are the Honda civics everyone wants to pimp out with aftermarket parts(eg. custom roms).

As for moto, I hate motoblur. Although its not quite so bad now. My coworker has the photon 4g for sprint. All high end moto phones I’ve used/seen so far have far better build quality than htc or Samsung. The softtouch plastic on the back is way nicer than the glossy shit plastics used by Sammy. 

David K:

How can you not like the Samsung? It’s so light and so poorly put together that if you drop it the battery cover pops off but you can snap it right back on but it wasn’t built with good enough components to actually have mass 😉 OK I’m a suck for the AMOLED and HTC always has shitty cameras and something is always screwed up with their phones and it’s their own doing…every time…every model they do something. And that pink splurdge in the camera for like 5 years – come on.


hey wait a minute.. I love my Samsung Captivate.. never had an issue with it, it’s well made and it works great.

David K:

My Focus weighs two ounces…entirely plastic. I love it but when I hold the HD2 it feels like a solid brick…like a tank whereas the Focus feels like it’s a toy.


Out of every android phone I’ve used, this one takes the cake, not 1st class at anything really except maybe turning it into a half assed computer BUT it is better as a phone that does everything quite well, no complaints on camera, battery life, screen resolution, hdmi out, processor speed is excellent although not the best even tho its dual core 1ghz. Love the fingerprint sensor… Just on average a rock solid phone in every aspect and moto even got the motoblur shit right this time. Doesn’t hamper normal operation of phone and gives me all my shit in one place,i feel the reason moto failed on phones like backflip is because of moto blur, but its definitely helping them with the newest version of phones.

Just so you know I’m not crazy I’ve used pretty much every att android phone starting with aria, captivate, backflip, bravo, inspire, infuse, phoenix, crossover, and of course my atrix.

Bottom line, if you want the best phone at a particular thing (camera, battery, screen) moto isn’t for want the best all around android (from att at least) atrix is your friend.

Id call it a 4 wheel drive lexus (glorified toyota)

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Doug Simmons:

Subaru, huh. I drove one of those once, was cruising along at like five in the morning, one thing led to another and I wake up to the sound of the jaws of life, next thing I know I’m in a helicopter fading in and out, then I’m being wheeled out of an ER seeing an x-ray of what looked like a funky femur (thigh bone) with some sort of a metallic rod straight down the bone from the hip to the knee. Badass scar.

You’d think it would, but it doesn’t set off metal detectors. I was actually disappointed to discover that. And that helicopter ride by the way, twenty minutes long, seven frickin’ grand! Had I known that and were more conscious I would have asked them to put me in a cab. Seven grand.

It was my buddy’s car, the whole thing ended up blowing over (brought us closer together actually) because the insurance went smoothly (though for some reason not for the helicopter ride) and he wanted a new car, a Jeep, which he tended not to let me drive.

The worst part? The catheter removal. Oh man. Decent, normal looking lady, the nurse, but ain’t nothing sexy about that procedure, believe you me. If I needed punishment for anything (though the blood test indicated I didn’t), she gave me a sufficient dose. One, two, three!

Not sure how this ties into this phone discussion, other than that I put a Subaru, which has been likened to a Motorola which has been described as well-rounded, into a tree at like thirty five an hour (I’m guessing based on the speed I’d typically drive around the previous curve for which I’d have to have been awake leading up to that fateful curve), and came out all right given the situation.



ha.. just a single metal rod huh?

I’ve got plates and screws holding right side of my face/skull together 8 screws, two plates.. along with four or five dental implants in my lower jaw as well (i forget how many, was quite a while ago)

good thing with all that is that most airports I’ve been through let me skip to the front of the line, no metal detector and go to the side and they get to use the wand on me instead

and subaru..  ain’t nothing wrong with them.. I’m on my third as of now, get a new one every couple years on lease..  I like my Forester…   even though they do have a reputation for being a hippy/greenie/yuppy car, which I’m far from..


I’ve driven many a subaru, it’s vermonts unofficial state car or something.

Weird about the metal detectors. I’ve got some metal in my ankle and I dont set off metal detectors either. However,i did go on a trip to florida with my friend while I was still in a cast, oddly enough he had broken his arm in an unrelated accident.

Long story short missed our flight because the airport checks the shit out of young adults wearing casts…

Hippie greenie yuppie car! Lmao! Thats why its vt’s unofficial car…you should see the hippies in this place

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love my subaru… especially the 2011 model I have now.. it’s much bigger, sits higher up too..  

love the all wheel drive for Pittsburgh’s crappy winters