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More WP7 Games – Freaking Awesome Stuff

Brandon Watson just posted about how to get noticed to get a WP7 device as a developer and noted that it’s important to do something big or create some big games. here’s a few examples he pointed out and they’re good.

First up is Jeff Weber who has been creating Silverlight based games and is now working to port them to WP7. What’s so good about his work? Physics engine plus great ideas and implementation. Check out Diver 2 which is a Silverlight game and he is porting to WP7:


Gotta say – i love the concept. And here’s another physics game called Krashlander where you’re a ski jumper trying to get as far as you can:


And if you want to play another of his games check out Tire Storm. It’s like a log roll – you need to stay on while the waves are crashing on you. 

Let’s also show the work of Adrian Tsai who has a tower defense type game that was a PC game, ported to Xbox/XNA and now WP7:

If you want a phone and you want to get noticed, Brandon ahs this advice for you:

Ways To Get Noticed By The Windows Phone 7 Team

1) Get the tools and start building apps – asking for a phone without any kind of app development in place is not going to get it done.  If you need ideas, go to our site where customers are posting app ideas for apps they want.  As of this writing, there’s almost 1,000 app ideas up there.

2) Blog about your development progress.  Screenshots and videos help a lot.  So do tips and tricks on how to do amazing things on the platform.  The important thing here is to share what you know with the rest of the community.  Those who share are engendering much love from us.

3) Tag your posts with “Windows Phone 7 Development” or “wp7dev” so that we, and other developers, can find you.

3) Build something which extends the platform and can be used by other developers.  Being developer friendly is top form.

4) Post videos of your app running in the emulator to youtube.

5) Register in the Windows Phone Marketplace.  When we know your Marketplace ID, it’s a lot easier to find you and get you a phone.

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