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My dog got fixed yesterday, will RIM?

RIM where have you gone?? 

Three years ago you were at the top of the world.  You have just released the Curve and soon to be Bold.  Everybody in the corporate world and the consumer world wanted a piece of your action.  At the time, I felt like I made it in the corporate world as I received the curve.  iPhone was and still fanboy-ism, Android what was that??

Boy have times changed.

Two colossal failures with Storm and Storm 2 and minor updates to the Bold, Curve and Tour have shown that RIM still has a long ways to go to get back on the good side of consumers.  Now pretty much the only time I see Blackberry’s are from corporate people who have their bills paid for by their company.  I am one of those people.  3 years later, I am still using the same Curve.  What use to be one of the better phones on the market now just seems completely stale and SLOW.  I hate hourglass syndrome and that se ems to be lately all I see.  RIM, you are going to start losing your bread and butter once the companies start allowing their employees to switch.  I can’t wait to get rid of mine and go to another platform.

Which platform will that be?  One thing is for sure it will not be an iPhone, that leaves Android and/or WinPhone7.  That last sentence is why RIM needs to get fixed and now.  They need to reconvert their users again and WANT them to want a new Blackberry.  The Torch is not the answer.  Too slow and why would I want a slider that goes vertical??  Don’t tell me because it is the keyboard that makes the Blackberry a Blackberry.  Innovate or die.  After 3 years, I still have way too many typing mistakes on the keyboard.  Make a horizontal keyboard and you might get me to want to come back.  Have a screen that doesn’t work on springs and false clicks to work and you might get me to come back.  Make a phone that I don’t have to sit and wait for something to happen.  Make a phone where I don’t click on an icon I don’t want because either the trackpad or ball moved as I clicked.  Maybe it is the rumored tablet you have coming out but again it will have to be something really impressive for me to pick one up and not wait til next year for upcoming Windows tablets.

RIM, you will be fine still in the short term but once corporate employees get the ability to choose you better have something out there that will want to keep them wanting to stay.  RIM, you need to fix your mojo and do it soon.

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