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New Kinoma Play update: Even Better Twitter, configurable Close, and more…

Your memory isn’t failing you —they’ve already updated Kinoma Play once this month. But they just can’t help making it better and cooler!

In addition to the general speed and reliability improvements they make with every release, here’s what’s new,


  • Faster — Now remembers (“caches”) your Home and Personal timeline tweets across launches, making it even faster.
  • Supports more photo services — Did you know Kinoma Play automatically displays Twitpic and yfrog images inline, right inside tweets? Now it supports and Mobypicture as well!


  • More secure — Now uses a more secure method to authorize your account (the OAuth protocol) with a secret PIN. Bonus: Now your tweets will show “Kinoma Play” as the source!
  • More reliable search — Twitter updated their search service, and Kinoma Play now works better with the changes.
  • Improved retweeting — The Retweet command now credits the source.

    New features

    • Super-configurable Close behavior — Kinoma Play’s Close button follows the Windows Mobile standard by default. But with the Advanced Settings app’s new X Button setting, you can also choose to Exit when you tap the Close button, or Exit when you tap-and-hold the Close button.
  • Improved navigation — Now you can tap-and-hold the Previous/Next buttons to fast forward/reverse, and tap-and-hold the Up/Down arrows on scroll bars to scroll. This can make navigation really convenient for phones without a 5-way control.
  • Live365 — Now fetches and displays album and station art when available.
  • Built-in clock — If you install Advanced Settings, the History clock icon now shows the actual time.

    And more

    • App Store — The App Store by MobiHand (formerly “MobiHand Store”) now supports MobiHand coupon codes. Have you installed any of the hundreds of great, free apps available in the App Store yet? If not, try it out today!
    • Improved YouTube reliability — Some videos wouldn’t play due to a YouTube bug, which Kinoma Play now includes a workaround for.
    • — Scrobbling is now even more reliable.
    • Bing — Windows Live Image search is now Bing Images search.