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TechEd 2010 WM 6.5 App With a Metro Theme

Not sure if you guys are into the Metro theme that WP7 has but Marketplace now has a TechEd 2010 App that uses the Metro icons and a theme. I’m digging the look. It’s a free app. Here’s the complete description:

Download the North America TechEd 2010 Schedule and Twitter widget to build your schedule and monitor what’s going on via customizable Twitter hash tags. With the schedule feature, you can view all the scheduled sessions, and build your own custom schedule. With the twitter feature, you can follow tweets with the #TechEd hash tag, as well as create your own list of favorite hash tags you want to follow.


  • View all scheduled sessions
  • Build your own custom schedule
  • View tweets with the #TechEd hash tag
  • Follow tweets with your favorite hash tags
  • Send tweets via SMS

You can find it here in Marketplace.