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Nokia Cranking Up The Heat in Windows Phone Gaming! [Updated with Video]

Nokia is set to deliver 27 exclusive EA games to their Lumia line of Windows Phones.  We’re quite sure the exclusivity isn’t perpetual but the jump start is enough to tip the buying scale from another Windows Phone OEM at time of purchase.  The more important part is the fact Nokia has gotten EA to deliver titles to the Windows Phone platform.  This will only serve to strengthen and benefit the Windows Phone ecosystem including other OEMs.  This is a clear example of one of the valued additions Nokia can bring to the ecosystem.  When you have a war of ecosystems, and make no mistake it is, strong partners can make all the difference.

For example, Apple gets its mapping and search from Google. They also have utilized YouTube as a drawing attraction to the platform since the early days of the iPhone.  What would the iPhone be like without Google’s assets early on? This is why it is good to have strong partners like Samsung delivering screens, Nokia the camera and build quality and HTC with the gigantic screens.

here’s what to expect:

Source: MobileTechWorld