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Nokia Institute of Technology Releases “Frog” Game For Windows Phones

Interesting new game available for Windows Phones called Frog. To begin with, it’s fun and free. But also, because it’s published by INdT – the Nokia Institute of Technology. Who?

Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia (English: Nokia Institute of Technology), also usually referred to as INdT, is a non-profit organization aimed on research and development of mobile software and telecommunication technology. INdT was founded in Brazil by Nokia in October 2001 with incentive funds from the Brazilian Law on Information Technology. Despite bearing the name of its corporate founder, the institute is a quite independent research center.

Interesting. The game itself has a feature to share the game that includes a specific plug for Nokia Windows Phones.

Anyway, back to the game itself. It’s lie Doodle Jump but there’s no platforms. Various bugs accelerate you to a certain degree and there are power-ups too as well as spider webs that end your game. It’s actually pretty well put together. I did notice a slight hiccup when the music looped but for a free game it’s actually really smooth and the graphics are slick. I like it.

You can check it out here.