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NotMyNumber Available For Windows Phones

The anti-harassment app NotMyNumber has landed on Windows Phone. This is a popular app on other platforms and what it does is give you a temp number so if you go to sell a product, for example, you don’t get idiots calling you for weeks. Here’s the description of the free app 9but you pay for the service):

Affordable temporary disposable phone numbers.
This app brings the famous service to the windows phone in an easy to use app, that makes calling and text messaging easier than ever before.
Basic pricing:
Time Limit Minutes Texts Price
1 Hour 60 0 2.99
1 Day 120 0 4.99
1 Week 240 0 6.99
1 Hour 60 100 4.99
1 Day 120 200 7.99
1 Week 240 200 10.99
1 Day 50 300 8.99
1 Week 50 400 10.99
Check out for pricing and more info.
Make sure when you setup your account to wait until paypal redirects you back to our confirmation page, other wise you account will not get setup. If you have any issues please email
Typical Usage Scenario:
Let’s say you are selling some furniture on Craigslist. You want to post your phone number, but you’d rather not keep getting calls for weeks after you sold your couches. So, you set up a temporary phone number here at NotMyNumber and tell it to forward to your home or mobile phone for one week.
You post your new temporary phone number and every phone call that comes in on that number gets forwarded to your home or mobile. After the week is up, hopefully you sold your couch, and you won’t get any more calls on that number.
Using the windows phone app you can place outbound calls and send sms messages to people and it will show as though the call came from your temporary number!!!

Pretty cool concept and the pricing seems reasonable for the privilege of not giving out your number.