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Now What?

According to FedEx I’ll be getting my new Nexus One sometime tomorrow. Psyched. I’ve spent maybe six minutes of my life total fiddling with Android phones, none of them being a Nexus One, so this is new to me. I want to hit the ground running on making myself feel like I didn’t just waste six hundred bucks so I could use a hand from any of you who know your way around Android and can expand my list of cool things to install, tweak or run right away.

So far my list includes performing the SIM transplant, checking out that sweet splash screen, banging in my Google account, screwing around with Google Buzz’s additional Android features to troll my fellow New Yorkers additionally well, throwing on Street View and waving the phone around my head, firing up Google Maps Navigation and taking a cab somewhere (a taxi cab — you’re no longer going to hear me writing so much about cabs as you know them) and installing Swype if it’s not already installed. That’s all I’ve got.

I see there’s a lot of activity in the Android forums and I could just go there all night, but unless there’s a site kinda like blownfuze actually one of you have made, that’s a whole lot of XDA fat to trim my way through to get to the good stuff. I want to earn my power user stripes in a hurry. So if any of you could help me expand my Google phone to do list and usher me to the good stuff, that would be heavily appreciated. I know from watching the logs that a handful of you, God knows why, are using an Android phone to read this, so don’t make me look stupid for posting this kind of question here of all places by leaving me hanging.

This isn’t a trap. No need to remain silent or post anonymously because you don’t want to be called mean names by jealous and hostile Microsoft lovers for coming out of the mobile platform closet in enemy territory. I’ll protect you. I know how these people operate.

Doug Simmons