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Silver Navigator: Turn By Turn Navigation For Windows Phones

Silver Navigator was just released in the market and it promises turn by turn directions using Bing maps. Here’s their description:

Silver Navigator is the very first navigation software for the Windows Phone 7. It´s a full navigation device, with turn by turn indications, that extends the functionalities found on the Bing Maps system.
* Turn by turn navigation and Access to world-wide maps and routes through Bing Maps systems
* On-screen indication of the next step in the route (including distance remaining), and on-screen status bar, including: current speed, distance to destination, receiver accuracy, trip time, etc
* Navigation modes supported: Spelling the destination (full/partial address, name of city,…), Point in the map (clicking in the desired destination) and List of recent destinations used.
* Automatic re-calculation of route and automatic recovery of last route used
* Arrow indicator for currend position and traveling direction
* Support for both Landscape and Portrait modes
* Support for both Road Mode (maps) and Aerial pictures
* Support for zooming both by finger gestures and by zoom buttons, including an auto-zooming mode, that centers in your current position automatically
* Utility to find the address of current position
* Includes a tab page to show your route details
* Locates the current position by both GPS or CELL geo-localization
* Includes linked mode (map follows your position automatically) and free mode (allows you to freely move through map)
* Units supported: Kilometers and Miles
* Languages supported for maps, labels and indications:
Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (U.S., Australia, Canada and U.K. versions), Finnish, French (France and Canada versions), German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese (Portugal and Brasil versions), Spanish (Spain and U.S. versions) and Swedish
* Languages supported for the User Interface: English and Spanish
Specifications and requirements:
* BingMaps-based
* Data connection needed, to communicate with maps and routes server

I haven’t had time to try it yet but it sounds like it’s on screen turn by turn directions, not voice spoken but it seems like a nice extension of Bing for $2. And there’s a free trial. Tell us what you think of it if you give it a go.