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Pinspiration Joins FhotoRoom As Third Party Windows 8 Device Family Apps


Yesterday we saw Fhotoroom release Windows 8 & Windows RT apps to go along with their Windows Phone offering. Today, the third-party Pinterest app Pinspiration has been made available for Windows 8 & Windows RT. Windows Phone users know there is both a free and paid Pinspiration app available on the platform.

Several advantages to these apps due to the availability on all Windows 8 platforms (8/RT/WP8). First is the fact you can have access to your photos and social features regardless of what Windows 8 device you’re using. Yes on the PC you can get your Pinterest fix by going to but on if you are accustomed to the App experience having an app available to use is a big plus. Fhotoroom carries a nice following among Windows Phone users. Its nice to see the developer make it available so early on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Pinspiration Fhotoroom

The other benefit is for the developers. They’ve gone and delivered really terrific apps that fill a void on the platform. Instagram fans can find themselves right at home with Fhotoroom and with potentially tens of millions of Windows 8 devices being sold over the holiday shopping season there is a ton of opportunity to establish their apps as branded experiences. Sure we would like official Instagram and Pinterest apps but until then the still ripe Windows Store should prove to be a big boon to talented devs taking advantage of the growing Windows 8 device user base.

Be sure to download these apps and put your might behind talented and committed third-part developers. The ecosystem will be a lot better for it.

You can find Fhotoroom and Pinspiration for Windows 8 /RT in the Windows 8 Store.

Source: Windows Store