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Pixel Man Now Available In A Free Flavor

Pixel Man is now available for WP7 in a free flavor. You don’t know what it is? OK I’ll just quote from myself when the paid version hit the market:

Fancy ass 3D graphics are cool and all, but every now and then you just want a simple classic arcade game…First up is Pixel Man, which was an Xbox Indie game that’s made it to Windows Phone. You are an intentionally pixelated man (or woman if you choose) and you play in an intentionally pixelated world. The controls are left, right and jump. That’s it. It’s one of those games that’s so simple but requires real concentration and you can quickly get into it. This reminds me of the good old days of Intellivision.

It’s a simple throwback game that’s a lot of fun and worth giving a try. Here’s a direct link to Marketplace.

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