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Pocket Arsenal – Anger Management For Your Windows Phone

imageHerm’s Software has another new app for Windows Phones. This one is called Pocket Arsenal. And as you can guess, this one packs a bit more punch than some other apps:

Pocket Arsenal is a Virtual Gun app with plenty of guns to keep you entertained. Don’t let stress get to you, simply fire up your favorite gun and have a blast.
Featuring 9 Beautiful Weapons
Gold Desert Eagle
Walther P99
Mini Desert Eagle
Beretta 92
Ruger Mark III
Machine Guns
How to use:
Tap the clip area to load new clip
Tap the trigger to shoot
Tap the slide area of the gun to cock back or load a round after new clip.
Clicking on the bullet in the top right corner will give you unlimited ammo.

There’s a free trial mode that has all of the features of the paid version except it’s ad based and if you want to remove the ads it’s available for just $.99. That’s far cheaper than therapy…