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Popular Barcode App ScanLife Now Available for Windows Phones

Another popular app has made its way to Windows Phones and this time it’s ScanLife. It doesn’t seem to be Mango ready (in that I don’t think the camera is ‘live’) but the app has some nice features still:

One of the most popular barcode scanners is now available for Windows Phone! ScanLife Classic turns your camera phone into an all-in-one barcode reader to help you save money and get more information from products or ads.

Just open the app, and Tap to Scan either QR Codes or regular UPC barcodes found on products.

Get linked to related information from products like DVDs, books, and food to make shopping easier than ever:

– Prices from over 25 different online retailers

– Local prices to find the product near you (US only)

– Reviews from Amazon & Best Buy – Related deals & coupons – Related accessories

– Nutritional information & ingredients (US only)

– You can even buy the product in a few clicks!

Scan any QR code that you find in print, packaging, or business cards to launch specific websites, videos, or contact information. You can also create your own ScanLife activated QR Codes for free. Just go to on your PC to create your own account.

Yup it’s free so you can check it out here.