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Pumpkin Smash: The Next Game You Should Download For Your Windows Phone

GlowPuff’s latest (free) game for Windows Phones is another hit. Perfectly timed, you’re in a truck trying to defend your candy from hordes of zombies, ghosts, mummies and just about everything else. You fire pumpkins at that to stop them and you can use weapons, like freezing them to stop them in their tracks while you hit them with pumpkins. If you’ve played Zombie Circus there are elements that are pretty reminiscent and it’s similarly a lot of fun to play and progressively adds new elements throughout the game. Let’s get to some video though so you can see it in action:

And taking on a boss:

Nice, right?
Here’s the official description:

Pumpkin Smash flies onto your Windows Phone in time for Halloween! Smash the ghoulish monsters before they steal your candy! Launch an assortment of pumpkin attacks against the monster horde. 30 levels of pumpkin flinging mayhem! 5 epic boss battles against your favorite movie monsters

– Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, and more! 12 different monsters, each with their own weakness! Can you protect your candy?

+Engaging hand drawn graphics and animation

+30 levels of increasingly challenging battles

+Normal and Easy mode for each level

+Attack with Fire pumpkins, Ice pumpkins, and more!

+12 different monster types, each with unique weaknesses

+5 epic boss battles against famous movie monsters!

+Score Combos and Multi-Kills for bonus points and extra candy rewards

+Full musical soundtrack

Full details to download are here. You better prepare- Halloween is just around the corner.