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Reader Submitted: Why Is T-Mobile Stupid?

doggydunno Nathan Sheaffer hit us up with a submission, a question. Now I don’t know the answer but maybe one of you does so I’m gonna do a lil’ trick here and turn a Reader Submitted piece, our first, into an Ask The Readers piece and see what happens. So won’t one of you kindly field Nathan’s question?

What I would like to see is a article about why its stupid for Tmobile to refuse to turn a EM+ account into a Contract account.

I switched from Deathstar to a Tmobile EM+ account earlier this year to see if I got better service at home. EM+ is no contract and I already had my own phones. Great deal. I tried them out for a month and found that they do offer better coverage in my area. I called them up to switch it to a contract account so that I could maybe get in on some phone subsidy and they stated that I could not convert the account. I said ok, thats fine. i will just cancel and then sign up again as a contract account. They said no, you will have to wait at least 90 days if you cancel the EM+ no contract account before T-mobile will allow you to sign up for a Contract account. Really???

So, if I want a contract account with T-Mobile now. I have to cancel, find some other cell service to use for 90 days then come back and get a contract account. WOW!  How freaking idiotic.

Seems really stupid that they would not want to convert a no contract account into a contract account to me. I mean, come on. The Contract account cost more for the same exact service plus you are locked in for 2 years.

anyways, I would like to see why they feel that this is a good practice.


Thanks Nathan. Hope one of these guys can make some sense out of all this for you.

Doug Simmons