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Which Carrier Sucks the Least?

Seems we’ve been going backwards. I guess it started with bloatware, then a little bending of the word unlimited, then progressed to terrible performance, then super low quotas, then even more bending of the word unlimited, then crappier customer service, bending of the term 4G, free roaming with a big asterisk, higher cost, fraudulently hidden fees, jacked-up ETFs and the general unknown of how much more the carrier you switch to will suck than the carrier from which you’re switching within several months.

And we seem to get the shiny phones five months after the rest of the world. What’s up with that?

This is on my mind because I just got an email from T-Mobile telling me that I’ve got a hundred megs a month to burn on roaming until I’m completely cut off for the month for roaming. Which particularly sucks because T-Mobile’s relatively poor coverage is compensated by its free roaming. Here’s the kicker, not only does T-Mobile’s coverage sucks, their coverage map sucks.

Sucks especially for me because I burn through the majority of my data on my commutes, sometimes over a hundred megs in a single ride (especially if I have a window seat and can get a signal). This may be a dealbreaker between me and T-Mobile. Which sucks, because I hate AT&T, Verizon’s pricy, Sprint is buckling from being unlimited and slowing down thanks to the iPhone, … argh. Carly, baby, don’t do me like this.

What about you guys, from your experience, of the big four, which US carrier sucks the least?

Doug Simmons