Gotta love Wednesday Xbox Live release day. Today we get Revolution and Rise of Glory. Rise of Glory is a flight simulator from Microsoft (so they claim – see below about how they neutered the best parts).

An amazing First World War flight simulator with arcade accents. Fly your favorite plane in the single player campaign or play skirmish defined missions. Amazing graphics, realistic aircraft behavior, challenging AI, incredible game experience.

It notes that the sensors are used so expect to be able to control the plane by moving your phone. it’s $3 and has a trial mode.

Revolution is a puzzle game where you need to move cogs to complete the machine. There are 75 levels and it has Xbox achievements and leaderboards. This looks like one of those games you need to play to understand and I’m always up for a good challenge so this is the first one I try. it’s also $3 with a free trial.

Now before we close for the day, that Rise of Glory game claims to come from Microsoft Studios. Uhm that means that Revo Solutions has some deal with Microsoft. Well the benefit is you can see what Rise of Glory will look like from a totally unrelated game for iOS called Skies of Glory:

Oh except the iOS version lets two people play each other over Bluetooth or 8 players combat over wifi or data. Yeah we could really use that Microsoft Studios so please speak to Revo Solutions and ask them for that part of the game please. I don’t care who you claim the developer is if it works.


  1. @freeway: the publisher of these games is MS and the rule is that anyone can enable real time play. There’s just no API or server set up for them. MS probably didn’t want to do something for themselves they don’t let others do but since iOS does it, it shows that the connection speeds are sufficient

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