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[Updated] RockMelt’s iPhone version ready to feed your social network obsession on the go

If you are obsessed with social networking websites, particularly Facebook then you might be already familiar with RockMelt – the only social browser left as Flock is going to be shut down officially on 26th of this month. And now the browser which is as obsessed as you are with the social network is coming to the iPhone.

RockMelt might be the first and only social browser for iPhone but we don’t think the word “browser” is a correct description of it because it’s nothing but a port of “app edge” from its desktop version. So, RockMelt for iPhone concentrates more on the social part of the “social web browser”. It allows you to check your Facebook, Twitter feeds on the go or feeds from all the websites that you have added either on the PC or on the iPhone itself. Don’t get confused, it doesn’t matter whether you bookmark, add feeds, add page to read later on PC or on your iPhone because it gets synchronized. Your Facebook account is not only the key to open RockMelt browser but to synchronize your activities.

“We’re not going for the power users, the ones who already know how to customize a browser”

So, now you know the reason why the iPhone version of RockMelt is just an “app edge” port of its desktop version. And it’s so true, iPhone users don’t like customizing (infact they can’t, there is a bunch of app icons on the homescreen and all you have got to do is tap-tap.)

RockMelt for iPhone might not offer you tabs or incognito mode but it offers you the features of so many individual apps combined. You have got a Facebook, Twitter, RSS app in a single app and of course the web browser itself.


Other features of RockMelt for iPhone, which are worth mentioning are that you can not only check your social network feeds but can update your status, share web links and photos via Twitter or Facebook. That’s not all, if you come across a web link while going through your feeds, you can expand it right there.

According to CNET, an iPad optimized version can be expected to come out soon and we definitely would like to see it as a full fledged social browser rather than just an “app edge” port. And as far as Android is considered, they are “looking at” it. WP7? They don’t seem to love WP7 as of now but may be after the ‘Mango’ update?

So, is it already live on the app store? No, but it will be up in a few days. Don’t want to keep checking everyday? Then leave it to us, we will let you know when it’s up.

Update: Did we say, it will be up in a few days? Forget it, it’s already live on app store. For downloading, click here.

And here is the official video demonstration of RockMelt’s iPhone version for your viewing pleasure:

Image credits: CNET, Forbes Blog