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Samsung Galaxy S III Watch Videos and Text [video]

sgs3-text-watch-videoThese are the video ads I want to see more of from Samsung and not the “inspirational” crap they have been accused of stealing from Apple. Sammy, who is taking preorders for the next flagship Android Device, the Galaxy S III has released a video stating how it can simultaneously watch videos and text. Seems like a Big Bang Theory take from the guys in the lunch room and they are walking up to the table where he is texting and watching a video and notice what he is doing and say: “you can’t do that”. The video texting guy pops back: “and yet I’m doing it”. Very cool stuff and I like emphasizing the  device in a real life situation, and not running on a beach with a picture perfect family blah blah blah.

The video from Samsung Mobile also states that it will be available from Sprint who is one of the major carriers to have the SGS3 but it looks like Sprint will be lagging behind the other major carriers to release this device. More to come on that. Enjoy the video and texting while watching a video.