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Samsung’s “Video Call” App Now Available–Front Facing Camera Required

Samsung has a few new Mango apps in the Marketplace. There’s All Share which is a DLNA app. Fire it up on a Focus and it tells you that your phone is not supported and closes. OK, so next up is Video Call (here’s the link). Turn it on and it tells you that it only works with phones with front facing cameras. So I have no choice but to get a Focus S. AT&T where you at with that?

Oh and I’ll say it before Simmons does – fragmentation. Agreed but this was known fragmentation and by that I mean that everyone knew this was a gen1 device and that over time some hardware would come out and even though I have the same software I can’t do all of the hardware things I lack. So it’s actually in line with the iPhone’s maturity as the older devices runt he same version of the OS but lack some hardware features. Anyway I was hoping the rear camera would work for Samsung’s app. There’s still hope for the Skype app. Where is that? Between AT&T and Skype I’m still waiting for dates…