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SanDisk Announces the Worlds Biggest SD Card 512GB

While the physical size of our devices continues to shrink, their capacity continues to grow! Such is the case with SanDisk who just announced the worlds biggest capacity SD Card! The SanDisk Extreme Pro comes packed with 512GB of storage that should more than handle just about anyone’s high definition needs. While the storage is quite nice, the price tag is not. SanDisk will need $800.00 from you before you have bragging rights over your other camera buddies. SanDisk did not create the 512GB for just anyone and admits that sales for this will only be for small group of people shooting entirely in HD or Ultra HD video.

With write speeds up to 90 MB/s** and recording at the UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)** rating, our most powerful, highest capacity UHS-I SD memory card enables your DSLR, advanced digital or HD video camera** to deliver high resolution, real-world color and stutter-free video. Transfer speeds up to 95 MB/s ensure that your data moves fast for a more efficient post-production workflow.

  • Shot speeds up to 90MB/s; transfer speeds up to 95 MB/s
  • Engineered to capture 4K Ultra High Definition
  • Up to 512GB capacity for uninterrupted video capture at super-fast UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)
  • Built for and tested in harsh conditions; temperature proof, water proof, shock proof, and x-ray proof
  • Limited lifetime warranty

SanDisk also has a few smaller capacity SD Cards should your budget limit you from spending 800 bucks on an SD Card. 128GB & 256GB are also available.

Head on over to SanDisk for more information or CLICK HERE