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Scott Hanselman Releases a Windows Phone App: Lost Phone Screen

imageThere’s a reason Scott Hanselman has nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter and if you don’t follow him you should. A Microsoft employee with great insight, great wit and the community’s respect. Anyway, on top of all of that he now has a Windows Phone app called Lost Phone Screen. The $.99 app allows you to customize an image with up to 3 lines of text to use it as your lockscreen so that you can ensure that your phone is returned if lost or to provide ICE information to anyone picking up the phone. Features:

  • Exceedingly simple
  • LockScreen matches exactly
  • Choose your own wallpaper
  • Add 3 lines of custom text
  • Matches both light and dark themes
  • Reward if Found, In Case of Emergency, etc.
  • You can check it out here in the Marketplace. He’s already launched a website to go along with it as well: