imageThere’s a reason Scott Hanselman has nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter and if you don’t follow him you should. A Microsoft employee with great insight, great wit and the community’s respect. Anyway, on top of all of that he now has a Windows Phone app called Lost Phone Screen. The $.99 app allows you to customize an image with up to 3 lines of text to use it as your lockscreen so that you can ensure that your phone is returned if lost or to provide ICE information to anyone picking up the phone. Features:

  • Exceedingly simple
  • LockScreen matches exactly
  • Choose your own wallpaper
  • Add 3 lines of custom text
  • Matches both light and dark themes
  • Reward if Found, In Case of Emergency, etc.
  • You can check it out here in the Marketplace. He’s already launched a website to go along with it as well:


    1. Microsoft already does this for free.

      To lock your phone and show a message
      1. On your computer, open a web browser, go to, and sign in using the same Windows Live ID you use on your phone.

      2. Click My Phone, and then click Find My Phone.

      3. Click Lock, then follow the instructions in the dialog box. If you don’t already have a password set up on your phone, you’ll need to enter one—you’ll use it to unlock the phone when you get it back. You can also type a message to display on your phone’s screen. Typically you’d enter an alternative phone number or an email address, so someone who finds your phone can contact you.

    2. This is also built into all iOS devices as well as all Macs.

      Just goto

      This has been included for free for a long time, and was a part of MobileMe in the past.

      but for just making a background which this app does, there’s no reason to pay for it…

    3. This is a great idea! I work as a receptionist at Microsoft and we get lost phones all the time and they are locked. We would really like to return them to the owners but can’t. Remember, until you get this APP, be sure to call your phone if lost and see who answers. Secondly, call your building receptionist to see if they had your phone turned into them.

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