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Shake Shake Shake and Save your Screenshots!

Have you ever looked for a way to save screenshots without connecting to your computer? Or maybe one that doesn’t require you to press a hardware button?  Well Shake and Save by MoisisV over at XDA has the solution!

Just shake your mobile, and the app will save the screen as image.
Supported 4 image formats (.Png, .Bmp, .Gif, .Jpeg)
Choose the format and start the ShakeAndSave, when you want to take the print screen, just shake the phone.
Then press "Yes" to exit or "No" to continue the screens shots.

Very cool and practical, just don’t shake your Fuze so hard that you drop it!

Find it over at XDA here or on MoisisV’s website here. And remember, its o.k. to shake your Fuze even though its your baby, but don’t shake your real baby…