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Skin S2U2 For a TF3D Look

I know a lot of you use Slide2Unlock (S2U2) to lock your phones and now there’s a new skin out for it that makes S2U2 look more like the TF3D screen that it’s sitting on top of. Enter tPRO v1.0.0 beta for S2U2 from Demonizator of XDA. This application has been updated to work with the latest version of S2U2 and is a VGA skin. So now you can use S2U2 and keep the look of TF3D at the same time so it’s a win-win. Check out this link for the download link and some more photos but this adds a pretty sleek look while maintaining all of the functionality of S2U2. You should use this with the latest version of S2U2 which was released on March 5.

If you enjoy Demonizator’s work don’t forget to buy him a cup of coffee for his efforts.