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Solar Technology Gives iPhone the Much Needed Power Boost

USA Solar and Digital Communications Technologies LLC, aka Muzatch, gives the iPhone its much needed battery power boost, by developing the world’s most powerful and smallest (9.8 oz) solar power station specifically for the Apple iPhone series as well as the new Smartphone, iPod and Nano.

"With the need to move towards a more energy efficient nation, by investing in renewable sources of energy, it was imperative that we seek solar energy not only for our homes and businesses, but our electronic devices as well, and make it affordable," says Willie E. Nason, Solarologist/Founder/Co-CEO, USA Solar and Digital Communications Technologies LLC , "Muzatch" brand name.

Our aim was to look at the most used electronic devices, not only in the US but worldwide, and how we could make them more energy efficient, i.e. the mobile phone. Solar energy devices for mobile phones and other devices such as laptops was the answer, thus the iPhone solar charger was developed. It has over 2000 uses, it will last over 4 years with continued daily use, (provided sun is available).

With over 95% of all Americans using mobile phones and laptops, and over 40 million iPhone users, losing power can be very frustrating, especially when an emergency hits of any kind. Solar energy will be the best and only way to continue to operate and communicate with the various emergency agencies as well as family and friends.

Millions of Americans use the iPhone currently and so it was the first choice for developing the initial solar charger. We are currently designing other solar chargers for several additional types of mobile phones, such as the "BlackBerry," which will be coming in the near future.

"It’s almost unbelievable that something so small and compact can produce so much electrical power. To be able to instantly charge not only your iPhone, but iPod and Nanos, it’s simply Amazing," says Jay Yenter, CEO, The Muzatch Co., a division of USA Solar and Digital Communications Technologies LLC. "Especially in cases of emergency, or loss of power, no longer will you have to be tethered to your electrical a/c connection or care charger."

The Muzatch Co. is leading the way in developing the latest in new solar energy products with exciting new models coming soon. The MZH-1200 iPhone power station is now available worldwide through the Muzatch Co.’s website, at: It comes in 5 colors, white, black, blue, silver and GREEN! At this introductory price of only 49.59+s/h.