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Spb releases Spb Geo Game 1.0!

On the heels of Spb Mobile Shell, Weather and Puzzle comes another release by the very busy Spb Software House; Spb Geo Game.  Spb Geo Game is a geography game that quizzes your intellect by seeing if you know captitals of countries by 2 different ways.  By Flag or by name.  The game will then show you the correct answer on a globe very similar to their Spb Weather globe.

Some technical information:

** Supported platforms **
     – Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 (Touchscreen)
     – Android
** Main Features of Spb Geo Game 1.0 **
     – World Flags
     – World Capitals
     – 3D Globe
     – Educational Animation
     – Finger friendly interface

Download the game here.

Stay tuned to a full review of Spb Geo Game later today! And check out the screenshots after the break!

Oh! This app will be SURE to help us all be smarter than Miss Teen South Carolina!


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