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Spb Rolls Out The Goods Again With Spb Time v3.0

SPB Time is an advanced, skinnable time toolbox for your Windows Mobile phone. Analog and digital clock modes, World clock, timers and stopwatches, and advanced alarms. A lot of time-related functions in this world’s bestselling application!

What new with v3.0

  • Fully reviewed and speed-improved UI
  • Three types of alarms: Classic, Paranoid, Bio
  • Online skins catalog
  • Fully finger UI
  • Scrollable Calendar with weeks numbers: The program finger-friendly calendar with kinetic scrolling.
  • Moon phases: With SPB Time Moon calendar you will always be aware of the current and next lunar phases.
  • Mobile Shell widgets: The current time in your favorite cities, upcoming alarms, timers, lunar phase… Install the new SPB Time wigdets for your favorite SPB Mobile Shell application.
  • New alarm sounds


If you have SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.1 or above installed on your phone, then you can add SPB Time as a widget on the
Home professional or life style layouts from the Add Widget dialog. SPB Time will extend Mobile Shell with new
types of widgets including: Moon Phase, City Time, Next alarm, and Stop Watch.

  • Analog clock 
  • Digital clock
  • Calendar





This is one of the various analog clocks represented in SPB Time. You can also see an icon an time settings of a paranoid alarm on it.


  • World time for 10 000+ cities
  • Stopwatches
  • Countdown timers
  • Moon calendar






User Interface:

  • Finger friendly interface
  • Online skin catalog
  • 3D globe with zoom and animation
  • SPB Mobile Shell widgets






If you enter the SPB Time Online Skin Catalog right from your application you will be able to automatically download and activate a lot of beautiful specially designed skins to make your SPB Time more individual and good looking.


  • Classic alarms
  • Bio alarms
  • Paranoid alarms







With SPB Time you can set many classic alarms that will wake you up on time with a customized sound.

If you want a gentle way to wake you up, the Bio alarming mode is for you. In this mode you will get a friendly alarm, lights, and ticks before the actual alarm time to get you in the mood of getting up. Waking up to gentle sound of birds or water may just make you want to go right.

If you are the kind of person who can’t get up to a regular alarm when the alarm first goes off, then you can use the Paranoid alarming option. In the Paranoid alarming mode the alarm won’t stop until you solve the puzzle correctly or smash your phone.

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