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Spy Bot Chronicles Goes From iPhone to WP7

Spy Bot Chronicles is now available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. If you don’t know, it’s a side scrolling action game that’s been available on iOS. This is from IUGO Mobile which is a professional shop so it should be well polished. Here are the features:

+ Innovative hack ability allows Spy Bot to change the world around him
+ 4 different zones with hours of gameplay
+ Hidden levels to find
+ 35 unique collectibles
+ Over half a dozen characterful enemies
+ Distinct music for each zone and major challenges
+ Interactive animation and art
+ IUGO high-quality and polish

Want to see some gameplay? This is from the iPhone but it should be the same:

It’s available for $4 and there is a trial mode. The iPhone version is $3 – guess that’s the price we pay to have the best.