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Starbucks in NYC to Put and End to Squatters

I have to say I wish they would do this everywhere and not just in New York. The Sbux closest to me has a Fedex/Kinkos next door that I use frequently to ship packages and they share a parking lot. I can walk into Fedex and no one is there but yet the parking lot is full anytime I’ve been there. 9 out of 10 times I’ve had to drive around the block for 10 minutes just to get a parking spot to ship a package. The best part is that they have spots labeled for Fedex/Kinkos use only, but Sbux customers don’t give a damn apparently. Then of course you have the ones who make their own parking spaces and just block the road when there isn’t a spot for them to park in, it’s ridiculous how these people act. Walk in and you mostly see Apple computers and iPads, wonder what that says about Apple users?! Then there’s the one who park in the no parking zone, there are signs that say no parking but yet they park and run into Sbux to get their coffee?! Are they special? Do they have a pass to park there that I don’t know about? I’ve stopped going there because there is never anywhere to sit, sometimes I’d like to just sit down and enjoy a coffee and danish instead of eating it in my car, but I can’t. There have been times I’ve stopped early in the morning to grab a coffee and then stopped many hours later to drop a package off and grab another coffee, the same people are still sitting there?! How the hell can you sit in a coffee shop for hours and hours mooching off their free wi-fi?! It makes no sense to me.

Are you that cheap?

Do you not have a home?

Why is it mostly Apple users?

Are you that arrogant that you feel the need to sit there for hours and hours and deprive others of a seat because you think you’re special ?

What has become of society that we have no regard for other people anymore?

People have just become downright rude and ignorant and I’m tired of it honestly….

Anyway, you read the whole story over here: