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Super Meat Boy Devs Set To Release Sniper Boy For WP7

Super Meat Boy is the real deal. Just ask Wiki:

The game received acclaim from critics. In 2010 it received an award for Most Challenging Game from IGN, and for Best Downloadable Game from GameSpot and GameTrailers. Critics lauded the game’s precise control, unique retro art style, and the soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky. Reviewers generally praised the game’s high difficulty, though some warned that not all consumers would appreciate the difficult levels. The game has been a commercial success, having sold more than 600,000 copies.

Well now we have Sniper Boy to look forward to for Windows Phones in August, accompanied by achievements, leaderboards and Facebook tie-ins. In this game, you’re a robot and you need to remove infected robots. You need to use a limited amount of ammunition to bounce ammo off of the walls and kill as many robots as possible. It includes 50 levels with 5 settings and an additional 20 extra challenging levels. I have a feeling this is going to be very very popular.

via TrueAchievements

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