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TalLee Perfect Sphere New Mathematical Game Free on Android

Let’s start the day off with a free game for Android users! This one is called TalLee Perfect Sphere and it’s a math game basically. It’s a 3d logic based puzzle that’s reminiscent of Rubik’s cube, sort of…

Have you discovered our new game? It’s called "TalLee Perfect Sphere" and it’s one of the more addicting games that I have played recently.
Think of Sudoku, then add to it the challenge of a Rubik’s Cube -this is in short what TalLee Perfect Sphere is all about. Unlike most logic-based puzzles that are two dimensional, TalLee Perfect Sphere is 3D. The additional dimension brings a refreshing and unique challenge to number-placement lovers of all ages.
The TalLee Perfect Sphere is available on all iOS and Android devices.

To download it go to:

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