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Taptitude Hits 100k Downloads and $100k Profit For WP7–Not Bad For a Free Game

Taptitude is a series of games within a game. It’s loaded with mini-games and just keeps expanding. Well it now has some impressive stats to go along with an impressive title. They’ve exceeded 100,000 downloads and note that they’ve almost hit $100,000 in revenue from ads. Bravo. So free titles can pay in the WP7 ecosystem and Windows Phone games can pay if done right.

If you don’t know the game, let’s do the full description:

#1 Top Rated Windows Phone App! Over 12 million games played! Taptitude is a collection of competitive mini-games that are sure to test your skills!

*** New in v5.3 *** – Added a new game: Throwing Star – Stat Leaderboards! All stats now have a leaderboard within them. – PlayTime/GamesPlayed Stats per game

*** Try to collect all 265 stars, or compete online with realtime, weekly, and world leaderboards. Earn coins along the way and buy upgrades to your favorite games! Unlock Stat badges to track your achievements.

With Taptitude: Unlimited you’ll gain access to all of the Taptitude games as well as brand new games each week. There’s over 50 games! Here’s the full list: – Throwing Star (new in v5.3!) – Video Poker (new in v5.2!) – Mystic Square (new in v5.1!) – Hurdle Hero (new in v5.0!) – Remembory (new in v4.9!) – Shooting Gallery (new in v4.8!) – Follow Cup (new in v4.7!) – Solitaire (new in v4.6!) – Mathemagician (new in v4.5!) – Fish Feeder (new in v4.4!) – Bally Ninja (new in v4.3!) – Bubble Booyah (new in v4.2!) – Draw a Heart (new in v4.1!) – Black Jack (new in v4.0!) – Bally Paddle (new in v3.9!) – Ultra Tapper (new in v3.8!) – Sudoku (new in v3.7!) – Shape Ninja (new in v3.6!) – Coin Slots (new in v3.5!) – Bally Drop (new in v3.4!) – Copy Cat (new in v3.3!) – Heads Up (new in v3.3!) – Swap Match (new in v3.1!) – Coin Miner (new in v3.0!) – Tap Out – Stacker – Nom Nom Snake – Memory Match – Collect Dodge – Bally Bounce – Inside Dodge – Buster – Color Sort – Line Dodge – Mad Rush – Interference Rush – Waypoint Rush – Split Rush – Lap Rush – Draw a Circle – Draw a Square – Draw a Triangle – Draw a Star – Draw Shapes – Bomb Defuser – Stay Inside – Tap Sequence – Reaction Time – Dodge Ball – Finger Twister – Untangled – Juggler – Scratch It

If you haven’t played it yet, you can check it out here for free.

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