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The New Myspace is AWESOME! Seriously….

Just when you thought you had all the social networking outlets you needed, in comes Myspace ,seemingly out of no where with a valid existence! Why is this “the new” Myspace? Well, first off, gone is the “social” aspect of the site as you knew it, no longer is it the super meet up alternative to something like eHarmony. Instead, Myspace aims to get back to its core, and that my friends, is music!

Armed with the marketing muscle (and chucky partner) Justin Timberlake, Myspace’s new take on social is all about music, its all about helping you discover and get connected to new, old, relevant, undiscovered and everything in between music. So much so, that your once mighty “Top 7” have now been replaced with a new “Top 8” which is saved for your favorite musicians. Even your profile song is done is a very tasteful way and does very little to annoy. Rounding off the big features in the new experience is the bar at the bottom which includes a now playing widget that allows you to create playlist, connect to artists you’re currently playing and even turn into genre specific radio stations. They’ve really done their home work here.

So who is this for? Well, it certainly isn’t for the young and eager looking to hook up, and it isn’t for the “im sick and tired of Facebook” in you, its just a social avenue for you and you music in a tightly knitted package. If you’re the sort of person glued to Spotify or Pandora during the day, then this might be appealing to you. If that sounds like you, check it out now!