Looks like the Microsoft team has approved the fix for Walshed phones. I just plugged my Walshed Venue Pro to sync some music and got an update notice for 7392. Nothing else relevant to report. It does not appear that I got any firmware update. Hopefully the rumored May 18th date is legit and we can see an update I actually care about hit the Venue Pro.


  1. I still don’t understand how so much confusion and uncertainty could fly over something that I don’t know how could take more than two Microsoft man hours tops to figure out definitively whether one thing or the other thing was true with just a couple phones and a USB cable.

    The other thing I don’t understand is why it would possibly be worth anyone’s while, Microsoft or AT&T’s or Eric Hatuala or whoever, to make shit up regarding this.

  2. You sure this is fact? There is no mention on Chris’s blog about this..only mention of Microsoft looking into his fix.

  3. @newfiend: Well, It’s a fact that I have a Walshed Venue Pro, and it’s a fact that up until yesturday I was unable to get the 7392 update even though other Venue Pro owners have been getting them when everyone else did. I havn’t done anything special to my phone other than forcing the update to NoDo.

  4. @Danny Lam:
    Well I understand Microsoft’s position on this as I “walshed” my Samsung Focus also (AT&T U.S.) when I just couldn;’t stand waiting for the update any longer it would be nice if Chris or Microsoft would clarify how the fix will be distributed. From what I understood Chris was working on the fix and having it verified by Microsoft to insure that our phones would be put back on the “official uipdate” process via Zune.
    Since you were able to update I am goinf to assume that Microsoft is going to issue the fix.. I checked my Zune software tonight and still am told that my PHone is up to date..with the old NODO update (7390) but as far as i know AT&T hasn’t pushed the update in the U.S. yet..they like to take their time in pushing updates as we were one of the last to get NODO.
    Glad to hear that you got the update.. hopefully Chris or Microsoft will clarify how the Walsh fix will be distributed and verify your conclusion.
    Here is to hoping.

  5. @newfiend: That is my understanding as well. For clarification, I’m on T-mobile and not AT&T. While browsing over on XDA I can across a post by someone else who got the update on their Walshed DVP. Maybe Microsoft is doing a staggered released like before or maybe it was released to some phones prematurely. Either way, I updated through official channels so we at least know a fix is definately imminent.

  6. Someone at WP Central also reported that their Walshied DVP got 7392 (T-Mobile) so it looks like either Venue Pro’s are immune from the problem or the fix has started to roll out. Either way, good news.

  7. Well from what I read some phones will update under certain circumstances others will not. Chris Walsh released the official fix it tool today. I suggest you use the tool to make sure the phone is officially fixed. I just ran it on 2 focus phones today and all went smooth. .NET Framework 4.0 needs to be installed also. Good Luck.

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