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Toddler Hit “Slurpy The Frog” Now Free For Windows Phones

By now you should know that I’m an advocate of using technology to teach kids. I think it’s a way to disguise learning as a game and those little kids fall for it all day long and end up the wiser for it. Once of my son’s favorite games for Windows Phone comes from Wimzoo and is called “Slurpy the Frog”. If you’ve ever seen those Brain Quest games for kids then you’ll know how this is set up. There are a series of questions and the child has to tap on the correct answer. It reads the question out loud first and gives positive reinforcement when the right answer is selected (and you go until you get it right). Some of the questions have a singular answer, like “which is the shortest"?” while others have multiple answers, like selecting all of the wild animals. It’s a great variety in questions and every ten questions you have to move the fly around and Slurpy the Frog eats him to add a little levity to the game. In the past it was a paid game, originally at $2 I believe and currently it’s $1. I bought it a long time ago and my son loves it. It’s now available in a free/ad based version though. They rate the game as 3-5 years. I think kids can start playing the games a little younger than 3 actually but my son loves it and when I loaded the free version on my wife’s phone today he played through the whole game straight. So you know, there’s a second game called Smarty Sharky that’s the same style from Wimzoo so you can keep playing more games and it’s $1.29 currently. Then there’s a game they also make called Smartsters that’s rated for 4-6 year olds because it has some math and spelling but again, I think you can start it a little early. I’ve bought all of them and they’re all great. Wimzoo’s Apps are all here. Getting back to Slurpy the Frog, here’s their description:

– Free version has all the features of full Slurpy The Frog and is ad-supported.

– Ad-free version is available in Marketplace under Games/Family for USD 0.99

Slurpy the Frog is an activity book designed for preschoolers 3 to 5 years old. It helps your child learn concepts such as shapes, sizes, relationships, and facts about the world.

The full version includes over 100 pages with colorful and unique graphics. Difficulty increases as the player progresses through the questions.

Players are periodically rewarded with a "game within the game" that is sure to trigger some giggles and keep them motivated at the same time.

Kids 3 to 5 can easily play by themselves as instructions are spoken out loud and no reading is required. It is also ideal for spending quality time playing with your little one.

The game is intentionally kept simple, yet elegant. The animations are gentle and easy on young and precious minds.

Designed by parents for their own kids, tested by more kids and teachers.

If you have a toddler and a Windows Phone get this game and check out their other offerings as well. For the price you couldn’t get printed media and this is a lot more interactive.

You can check out Slurpy the Frog Free here.