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Touch Alarm by MobilityFlow

Touch Alarm is a free, easy and convenient alarm clock for PDAs with ability to install different skins, quick alarm set with finger before bedtime.

There are two versions, Touch Alarm free & Touch Alarm Pro

Touch Alarm Free

  • Quick finger set-up
  • Wheel for easy choice of minutes and hours with finger
  • Beauty. Skins support for all tastes
  • Slide to unlock the alarm
  • Synchronization with internet time server
  • Language localization

Touch Alarm Pro (cost $4.97)

  • Several alarm clocks
  • Binding to days of the week
  • MP3/WAV sound set-up to alarm clock
  • Volume and vibro setup
  • Snooze mode

    System Requirements

    • Windows Mobile 5, 6 Based Device
    • .NET Compact Framework 2.0 (download) (embedded into EXE installation, for Windows Mobile 5 only)

    Get the download here: