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Travzine–A neat Windows Phone App for Social Travellers

The other day David showed me a good app, Travzine, currently available only for Windows Phone and as per the app developers, iOS app is in works. This is a good app for travellers. If you love traveling and share the moments to your friends and family, then I think this app is a good and handy choice for you. You could create a logbook or zine (I believe magazine in short) and share it via Facebook. Travzine 1Once you start the app, it will ask you to login into it using your Facebook credentials. Having Facebook account is a must and dependency. With this app, once you login you could do Status Updates, Location Check-Ins and Photos – woven into a beautiful zine to show off your travels to your world.

The top features of the app, I found until now are

  • Timeline mode where you could allow your friends to view your trip as a timeline. And if you are a Facebook buff, you would definitely love this.
  • The other mode I loved is Zine mode, where you could create a magazine like experience with your travel moments and your friends could flip through the entire trip you made just like reading a magazine.
  • The feature I liked is explore feature where you could search for the zines around the world. And this feature is available in the trail mode.

The app comes with trail mode where you could create any number of  zines, but it only allows you to log 3 entries per zine. The app costs $1.29 to own and is available on Marketplace here.


The Marketplace entry of the app goes like this

β€œA must have for travel fans! Travzine allows you to capture the best moments of your travels and then share them as an immersive timeline or a magazine. Your travels are exciting, and sharing them should be more fun. Travzine is a WP7 first app and will be updated regularly. We pinky swear πŸ™‚ iOS App in the works. Fully featured trial grants you unrestricted access to explore the zines created by others. All Zines are PUBLIC currently. Privacy mode coming soon! Trial mode allows you to create as many zines as you want but only allows 3 log entries per zine. **Facebook Account Needed for App** Our goal is to create the best zines from some of the hottest spots all over the world. Here are some features: – Pinnable Zines – Metro Styled Zine browsing – Browse in Timeline mode as well as Magazine mode – Explore featured users and hot zines from all over the world. Please provide feedback on and help us build a better app!”

Travzine 2Travzine 3Travzine 4Travzine 5

You could find more from Travzine website.

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