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Verizon Plans to Expand Windows Phone Lineup By End of 2012


For those of you who wanted to get their hands on a Windows Phone and chose to forego the various options of other carriers for the reliability of Verizon, you were stuck with the HTC Trophy. While the Trophy is a solid phone, it’s certainly not the cream of the crop, and anyone who wished for some more variety may finally be getting their wish.

Verizon’s CFO, Fran Shammo, recently said that Verizon is looking for a third competitor in the mobile market.

“We’re really looking at the Windows Phone 8.0 platform because that’s a differentiator. We’re working with Microsoft on it,” Shammo said in an interview following Verizon’s earnings conference call.

So after a lengthy wait, it appears that Verizon will finally be expanding their lineup and offering a few more flavors to choose from by the holiday season.

The next Windows Phone update, dubbed Apollo, is expected to be out sometime later this year along with some major additions and changes. Some handset makers have even chosen to hold off on developing any more Windows Phone phones until Windows Phone 8 is released, and it appears that Verizon is in the same boat.

[via Reuters]

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