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TwittWP Brings Full Featured Twitter Love To WP7

I know there are lots of twitter apps but here’s another one with a laundry list of features and it’s pretty hard to ignore. Here’s the app description so you can check it out for yourself:

The TwittWp is a powerful twitter application for windows phone 7 devices.
Its user interface is customization and easy to use. It is specially designed for twitter users. We try to suit users’ needs to get information fast.
With the exception of the same features as all other Twitter apps, such as the timeline, direct massages, mentions, reply tweets, and post the tweets, it also includes many new cool features.
– Classic browse Mode: Browse the content of the tweets that includes Clickable @names, URLs, and #Hashtags
– Fast browse Mode: Quickly glance at your tweets in plain text
– Dialog browse Mode: Display the dialogs of the people you followed
– Retweet: Allows user to edit the content of the Retweet, support Retweet by SMS, Email
– Lists management: Add, edit, delete Lists. Allow users to choose which lists will be invisible/visible.
– The user interface of the lists and search sections are shown by ‘Metro’ mode. It allows users to swipe left or right to see different lists or searching results within one app.
– Nearby: Display the content of the tweet and location of the friends you followed on the map
– In the details of the timelines, provide the main drive route navigation that helps you to find the location of your friends easily
– Multi-account support
– User management: Follow/Unfollow user, View/edit the user profile
– Posting photos with TwitPic, yfrog, Flickr or TweetPhoto
– Searching tweets and users easily
– Viewing and adding geo-locations
– Themes: Three themes to choose from
– Automated Refresh: Allow users to set the time of automated refresh
– Text expression: Allow users to select various expression when editing your tweets
– Mark tweets as favorites
– Save your favorite searches
– Uploading photos service
– Twitter API proxy
Our ultimate goal is to make TwittWp the best designed Twitter app for windows devices in the world. Don’t be hesitate, sign up from the app right now, start your twitter journey.

If you look at the image I embedded you’ll see that you can resize the font size which is great because that’s a personal thing and I’ve seen apps go too far in both directions. And the ‘lain text’ option should work nicely with that copy and paste thing we’re all looking forward to. Anyway, it’s available now for $3 with a free trial.