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United Nations News Is Now Award Winning

United Nations news is arguably the slickest app out there for Windows Phones. Even if you’re not into the content, the aesthetics of it are outrageous and really show off what WP7 is all about. And today it was announced that it was one of the winners of the Federal Apps Contest (so it’s earned an Xbox 360+ Kinect combo pack). Here’s a description of the app:

United Nations News lets you keep in touch with the latest news from the international community, global events and initiatives from around the world. The well-traveled global citizen will find this app invaluable in keeping up with what’s truly important in today’s world. In this app you’ll see, hear and read the global narrative through an abundance of articles, photos, videos and radio broadcasts.

The use of panaromas and sliding tiles and really worth the download and likely the reason that 11 of 12 reviews gave it 5 stars. It’s fluid and very well thought out. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from the developer, Justin Angel. If you don’t know the name by now then you’re missing out on a daily Twitter show that his followers get. He’s an employee at Vertigo (the company behind some apps you may have heard of (like Netflix and iHeartRadio) and he’s also the developer behind Neurons that streams TED talks, The RSA, and Science Dump. And it apepars as though the source code for United Nations is going to be released as well which would be a great resource for devs out there.

Anyway, if you want to check out United Nations News here’s the download link to the free app. Congrats Justin.